Mike Pence To Testify! Will Doug Mastriano’s Name Come Up In His Testimony?


Let’s start here with The Washington Post:

vice president Mike Pence will not appeal a judge’s ruling that
requires him to testify in front of a grand jury exploring the Jan. 6,
2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol, a spokesman said Thursday, likely
setting up a pivotal moment in the special counsel investigation related
to former president Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020

decision to drop the appeal means he will probably testify under oath
about Trump’s attempts to pressure him, and he could be a key witness. 

The NYTimes has a little more:

From shortly after the election until
Jan. 6, Mr. Pence was subjected to an intense pressure campaign from a
range of Mr. Trump’s associates outside the government, including John
Eastman, a lawyer working with the president, and from Mr. Trump
himself. Mr. Pence had his advisers research what his powers were with
regard to Jan. 6. Over time, he made clear to Mr. Trump that he did not
believe he had the authority that the president insisted he did to
unilaterally overturn the results of the Electoral College vote.

Jan. 5, Mr. Trump’s pressure campaign had become so heated that Mr.
Short, who was then Mr. Pence’s chief of staff, called the vice
president’s lead Secret Service agent to his West Wing office to tell
him that Mr. Trump was going to turn on Mr. Pence, and that they might
have a security risk.

Hmm. Trump’s pressure campaign on January 5th, huh?

What else happened the day before Trump’s mob stormed The Capitol?

This from CNN:

The committee also released call logs from the days leading up to
January 6, 2021 painting a fuller picture of who the former president
was speaking to as he and his allies were plotting for him to stay in
office, the first time the panel is releasing White House call logs in
their entirety.

The logs have been crucial to the panel’s investigation in piecing
together a timeline of events. While the log for January 6 has a
seven-hour gap, the committee has gone to great lengths to fill in that
part of the timeline through witness interviews and other records.

The day before the US Capitol attack, Trump spoke to then-Vice
President Mike Pence. After that conversation, Trump spoke with
Pennsylvania state Sen. Doug Mastriano, who helped fuel Trump’s election
lies in the state, and then the switchboard operator left a note “that
Senator Douglas Mastriano will be calling in for the Vice President.”
[Emphasis added.]

You can see the call log here. You can see the messages involving Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano are here:

I imagine it’s would be a pretty good bet that Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano was part of Trump’s “intense pressure campaign” to get the then-VP Pence to delay the electoral count to keep Trump in power.

Will Doug’s name come up in Pence’s testimony?

Who knows?

Will anyone please ask Doug himself what he knows about Trump’s pressure campaign?

Because he was certainly an active part of it.

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